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Sunday Service Worship
In view of the precautionary measures advised for COVID -19 containment by Church of Scotland.
All Church services and activities will be suspended until further notice.


7th June 2020



24th May 2020

17th May 2020  :

 10th May 2020 :

 3rd May 2020  :
 26th April 2020 :

Holy Week 2020

Easter Sunday Service 12th April 2020 :

Good Friday  Service 10th April 2020 :

Maundy Thursday Service 9th April 2020  :


Sunday Worship Service Online :

05th April 2020 :

29th March 2020 :  



Welcome to St Andrews West, a Church of Scotland parish located in the city centre of Glasgow - open, welcoming, accepting, rooted in the Bible and relevant to life in today’s world.

St Andrews West is a place to belong, a place to make friendships, a place to learn and grow, a place to find the faith you may have lost, to strengthen the faith you have and discover the faith you’ve always wanted, a place to make a difference in our world.

We welcome everyone here, we are a diverse group of people of all ages and backgrounds, with all kinds of dreams, fears, problems, strengths and weaknesses. We are very aware that we are not perfect and neither is the world we live in, but we have great hope that a different future is possible when we come together in response to Jesus’s love for every human being.

If you have no religious background at all, that’s not an issue here; you don’t have to dress up; you won't feel any pressure; you can bring your questions and your doubts. We are committed to searching and learning, serving, creating and celebrating together.

You are welcome to make a virtual visit and get a taste of of St Andrews West online but, if you find yourself in our corner of the world, we would love to meet you and welcome you face to face.



Contact us

260 Bath Street
Glasgow, Scotland
G2 4JP

p: +44 0141 332 4293
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